Complete Relocation Services

Complete Relocation Services

We decided early in 2003 that we had come to a point in our lives when it was time to leave the UK for a new and hopefully better life. We chose New Zealand as our destination, and after many months of form filling, document copying, and job-hunting our move to New Zealand became a reality, and we boarded a plane ready for the momentous journey.

On arrival we had to find accommodation, unfurnished as our belongings were in a container on the high seas and would not arrive for some weeks, make arrangements for the arrival of our border collie, whilst starting new careers in a new country on the other side of the world!

So we decided that we could make the whole experience a lot better and easier for those who intend to follow in our footsteps to New Zealand and set-up Complete Relocation Services After all we have experienced what its like to arrive in a new place with just the contents of your suitcase

How we can help you

Our custom made packages include but are not limited to the following services

  • Arrange accommodation to suit your needs
  • Arrange furniture until your arrives from the UK
  • Provide all white goods, bedding etc.
  • Do your shopping the day before you arrive
  • Provide you with a customised relocation package tailored to your needs
  • Pick you up at the airport
  • Familiarisation trip around your local area

But most important of all we provide you with that early support and point of contact that we find is most vital to allow you to settle into your new way of life

Complete Relocation Services

43 Putake Drive,Burwood
New Zealand 

Telephone +64 3 383 9225
Facsimile +64 3 383 9215



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